Programme overview (updated on 7th October)


For oral presenters

Your session will soon be scheduled. Please prepare your PowerPoint as follows:
Your presentation length is 15 minutes, followed by a 5-minute question-and-answer session unless your chair contacts you to modify your time length.
Please make sure to use a font point (size) large enough for the audience in the conference hall.
Please add page numbers to each page to ensure the question-and-answer session runs smoothly.
If you want to include a video, please minimize the file size.
Please bring your PPT file saved in your USB memory and copy the file to a PC
prepared in the conference hall beforehand.

For poster presenters

Please prepare a poster by the first day of the conference. The length of the poster should be no more than 118.9 cm long and 84.1 cm wide (A0 size). You can display your poster for Days 1-3 at the hall entrance on the 2nd floor, Hotel Kailash.